Are you ready for a more soulful way to get body you love? 
(without the huge time commitment
or heavy price tag)
I want to PERSONALLY work with you so that you feel unstoppable in your skin!
Are you ready for
a more soulful way 
to get a body you love?
(without the huge time commitment or the heavy price tag)
I want to PERSONALLY work with you so that you feel unstoppable in your skin!
I see you, beautiful woman.
 Your body & your passions have taken a backseat...
...but you're ready to reclaim them.
You're a generous, high-achieving woman who loves to serve others... 
...but in the process, you often neglect your own needs & desires. 
  You crave a life where the smile you wear on the outside... 
...genuinely reflects how you feel about yourself on the inside.
 You want to feel at home in your body...
...and you're not afraid to admit you're ready to feel sexy naked. 
 You get hooked on fads, programs & all the self-help out there but things never seem to truly stick...
...and even when they do something still feels “off”. Like something is missing.
Imagine if you could...
by a loving, conscious tribe of like-minded women who truly “see” you & are just as excited as you are to share a transformational journey togther.
as the fit, confident woman you were born to be with easy 9-minute routines & rituals that allow you to feel fulfilled -- not overwhelmed or like you are always falling behind.
with that "bucket list" of cool stuff you've always dreamt of doing with your personal wellbeing so you could show up more present for the things & people you love.
to allow your outer success to be a true reflection of how you feel about yourself on the inside.
so that you fear less & feel more grounded, calm & in your power while taking care of the things that are genuinely important to you.
in a strong, resilient “vessel” so you finally manifest all that change you wish to see in your body & in the world!
If you're reading this, you've probably tried...
Dragging yourself to gyms & classes you could barely stay consistent with.
 Gimmicks & fads you replaced back with your old habits after just a few short weeks.
Self-help events & retreats where you'd find yourself in the same self-sabotaging patterns once the high from the seminar fizzled.
Nothing's worked for you long-term, yet deep down inside you know there's just got to be a better way.
...I know, because I've shared a very similar path.
After decades on my own struggles with self sabotaging patterns & addictive habits, plus 20 years of using my lessons to help women unlock the magic & the wisdom of their bodies so they could feel unstoppable in their skin, I've put together all of my personal & professional experience in one place to help YOU get fit as you get back in sync with your truth & your power.
If you're reading this, you've probably tried...
Signing up for gyms & classes you barely ever ended up dragging yourself to.
 Gimmicks & fads that left you yo-yo-ing back to your old habits after just a few weeks.
Self-help events & retreats where you'd find yourself back in the same self-sabotaging patterns once the high from the seminar fizzled.
Nothing's worked for you long-term, but deep down inside you know there's just got to be a better way.
...I know, because I've been there.
After decades on my own struggles with addictive behaviors & self sabotaging patterns, plus 20 years of using my lessons to help women unlock the magic & the wisdom of their bodies so they could feel unstoppable in their skin, I've put together all of my personal & professional experience in one place to help YOU get fit as you get back in sync with your truth & your power.
Meet Sylvia
Fitness Host &
Creator of Body Soul Reboot
  • Celebrity Personal Trainer
  • Wellness Coach & Retreat Leader
  • Hall of Fame Inductee, Women's Tri-Fitness
  • 2-time World Champion Fitness Athlete, Women's Tri-Fitness
  • Stunt Double for Sofia Vergara, National Lampoon's "Pledge This!"
  • Featured Pro & Cover Model, Natural Muscle Magazine
  • Featured Pro & Cover Model, Oxygen Fitness Magazine
  • Weight Loss Mentor, Discovery Channel's "10 Years Younger"
As Featured In...
Imagine if you had access to...
celebrity fitness trainer committed to you feeling fit, strong, confident & free.
wellness coach devoted to you learning how to trust yourself more so you can finally take those courageous steps you’ve been secretly yearning to take.
More time to take care of your body so you could show up as your best self for the people & things you love most without compromising your lifestyle. (hint hint… the secret is in the small, daily steps)
How would your life change if you had that level of support?
Online Bootcamp
A LIVE virtual fitness & self development experience
especially designed the aspiring, 
spiritually conscious woman who is ready to create 
a body she loves & a life that totally rocks -- because she's out to leave our planet better than when she got here. 

One woman at a time -- beginning with herself.
Our Mission Is Simple

Every woman is worthy of premium-level mentorship & support.

With our 'pay as you wish' model we meet each woman exactly where she's at so that financial resources are never the thing standing in the way of her reclaiming a resilient body, a strong mind & an empowered life. 

PLUS, when you sign up to be part of our growing tribe, 
TOGETHER we pay it forward to support women in developing nations to find their voice through high-quality entrepreneurship training & mentorship.
Together with our sisters-in-awesomeness, Street Business School, we also exercise our power to break down the walls of fear, oppression & scarcity in the world.
  •  Feel fit, strong & unstoppable
  •  Boost youthful vitality
  •  Accelerate weight loss
  •  Flex the muscles of unshakable confidence
  •  Ground chaotic energy
  •  Liberate trapped emotions hiding in your cells 
  •  Access more fulfillment, fun & freedom
  •  Restore ease, balance & joy
  •  Feel whole & empowered

  •  Easy 9-minute routines & rituals
  •  Ancient alchemy practices to recalibrate your nervous system with the rhythms & cycles of nature
  •  Modern day quantum physics & neural science-backed techniques
  •  Take more effortless action on your dreams
Here's everything you get when you join our Body Soul Reboot Online Bootcamp
  •  1) LIVE Group Mentorship + Q&A with Syl. I share my personal & professional experience of over 20 years in the fitness, wellness & self-development space. PLUS, experiential practices in real-time to boost youthful vitality, self-confidence & help you stay in alignment with your passion & purpose. I got you, girl. And together, WE got this! 
On the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6pm to 7pm Pacific via Zoom.

VALUE - $300
  • 2) LIVE 9-Minute Workouts & Meditations with Syl, PLUS Breathwork Practices & Self Reflection. I personally guide you though quick & easy 30-minute LIVE virtual sessions to energize & strengthen your body, tame your mind, calm your nervous system, get you back in sync with the rhythms & cycles of nature so you can carpe the heck out of your diem! 
Monday through Thursday on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd week of each month from 8am to 8:30am Pacific via our private group's Facebook Live.

VALUE - $125
  • 3) LIVE Virtual Tribe Meet Ups. Community face time with a lovingly curated crew of sisters 3x per month. PLUS, small group interactive experiences to learn, grow, contribute & deepen connection with the other ladies in the space as we navigate challenges, share our gifts & celebrate our wins together! 
Added to our Group Mentorship + Q&A session with Syl on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6pm to 7pm Pacific via Zoom.

VALUE - $75
  • 4) LIVE Guest Expert Interviews. Gain direct access to up-close-and-personal Q&A with some of my favorite industry specialists. A deeper dive into specialty topics to restore cells, replenish your soul, support brain-body balance, promote healing & teach you how to truly trust your intuition, own your power & live your truth! 
1x per month (or more!) via Zoom.

VALUE - $75
  •   5) Sisterhood & Support. You are never alone with access to me for any Q&A on demand (I often reply with a personalized video). PLUS a tribe of brilliant, like-minded women. Get support, guidance & find new, empowering ways to create a thriving body & life that is even more awesome. Share your journey & contribute your gifts to make your experience even more meaningful & fun!
Ongoing access to our kickass community 24/7 via our private Facebook Group.

VALUE - $150
  •  6) Together We Rise. Every monthly training cycle we contribute 9% of our collective membership to enable women in developing nations to receive training & mentorship to rise up out of poverty & into the empowerment of entrepreneurship. 
Every $27 we raise together puts one woman per month through Street Business School. VALUE - Priceless!
And because I truly wish for you to have it all,
here's some extra free bonuses!

  • BONUS 1: “The Gym” Members Only Virtual Library. A ever-growing online "hub" of must-share tools & resources. Recording of all bootcamp "reboots", group coaching sessions with Syl, expert interviews -- so you never miss a beat. PLUS, bite-sized quick lists of routines, rituals & recipes our generous & insightful tribe shares to keep us nourished, inspired & taking courageous leaps.
24/7 access via our temporary home - Google Docs. (moving soon!)

VALUE - $50
  • BONUS 2: Sister Spotlight. Feature interviews with the awesome women in our very own tribe -- like YOU. Get to know each other's gifts, challenges & the passion projects that light your little ol' heart up like a disco ball. A new friend, mentor, client or biz partner might be closer than you think! 
Spotlights are filmed & shared a few times per month - upon request or invitation from Syl. 

VALUE - $50
  • BONUS 3: Host A Topic. It's your turn to shine like the rockstar goddess you were meant to be in this world. Share your gifts, contribute your genius, expand perspectives, teach something fun that will make the lives of other women in the group even more awesome!
Added 1x per month as part our Group Mentorship + Q&A session with Syl on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6pm to 7pm Pacific via Zoom - upon request or invitation from Syl.

VALUE - $100
  • BONUS 4: SYL-osophies. {Pronounced Syl-awe-so-fees} Sneak peeks into my personal journey where you really, REALLY get to know me - in real time. I openly share nuggets of experiential wisdom from my more vulnerable & outstanding moments, PLUS the practical insights that saved my life & helped me turn it into the epic odyssey I'm embarking on today. 
Fun, fresh perspectives to create ease, grace & boundless joy happen spontaneously, on demand always.

VALUE - Priceless!
Do the math...
Imagine what a gym membership would cost, 
PLUS a celebrity fitness trainer
PLUS a kickass, soul-centered life coach 
to guide you every step of the way?
No woman gets left behind - EVER
Body Soul Reboot meets you exactly where you're at. YOU choose your monthly investment, we show up together to make magic happen.

Pay As You Wish!
Why? 'Cause I believe in you. And you're awesome...remember that!
Here's all you'll need...
  •  Your journal
  •  Your yoga mat
  •  Your smartphone or laptop
  • The comfort of your home, office or hotel room
  •  Willingness to show up for yourself ('Cause you're totally worth it!)
You're about to radically change your body & your life, sister! But don't just take my word for it...
Here's what other women have to say about working with me.
"I literally could not have imagined the life I have created. Sylvia is more than a fitness trainer…she is Your-Dream-Life-Is-Calling-You Coach."
Roxanne Diaz
Vice President, Operations at JPMorgan Chase & Co.
"Sylvia taught me real-life, practical 'magic' that helped me shift my mindset. I'm guided by what I learned with her every day. It's had a ripple effect that totally radiates out into my friends & family, and even my work!"
Aerica Banks
Inclusion Innovator & Patent Strategy at Google
"Sylvia is an incredible motivator & trainer. I was amazed to see what she could do with our group in 9 minutes. We felt alive, healthy & energized after every session...everything we did was so insightful & fun!"
Cloe Shasha
Director of Speaker Development at TED Conferences
"Sylvia's insights & practical model for fitness help me every day. I admire her authenticity & verve, and I benefit immensely from her enthusiasm!"
Mary Anne Radmacher
World Renowned 11-Time Best Selling Author, Artist & Speaker
"I'm the healthiest version of myself, I'm more confident & comfortable with my body than ever before, my eating & wellness habits have changed, and I know there is no way in hell I'll ever turn back."
Amber Rae
Author of 'Choose Wonder Over Worry' & CEO of Bold Academy
Here's a sneak peek at one of my
Made with all natural, hand selected, mineral and botanical ingredients to leave you with soft, clean and hydrated skin whilst providing you with a magnesium boost.

Invigorate your senses and revitalize skin cells from the comfort of your bathroom with our healing scrub. After dampening your skin with warm water, gently massage a handful of scrub into your skin to polish away dull skin cells.
I'm devoted to your success. I'm also committed to your freedom. 

So, don't worry -- if you decide that BODY SOUL REBOOT is not for you at any point in the program,
you can cancel at anytime.
Here are two more possible realities that I desire for YOU, too...
"Sylvia helped me uncover just what I was really made of. I learned things about myself that went deeper than just diet or training. She inspired me to become the best "me" that I had no idea even existed!"
Monet Colbert
CEO of Shades of Monet Cosmetics
“Sylvia could really 'see' me & took me beyond anything I believed I could accomplish. She pushed me, supported me & took me to my peak. She coached me to find my passion again!”
Marissa Herring
CEO of Garage Mama Fitness & NBC's 'The Celebrity's Apprentice'
Here's our monthly training cycle
at a glance...
3 Weeks LIVE Training
  • LIVE Bootcamp Workouts + Meditation + Breathwork + Self Reflection: Monday through Thursday on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd week of each month. (via Facebook LIVE)
  • LIVE Group Mentorship + Q&A with Syl + Tribe Meet Up: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Tuesday of each month. (via Zoom)
1 Week SOLO Practice
  • Lose The Training Wheels: 4th week of every month.
  •  Train Your Nervous System: Reinforce fresh habits so that they "stick" & hone in on where you need more support.
  •  Train Your Self-Confidence: Solo practice reassures you that you can totally "own" your new routines & deepen your rituals without external guidance. YOU got this, sister!
During our 'Solo Practice' week you’ll still have full access to...
  • Our Kickass Community: Connect to practice leadership & personal accountability with your Body Soul Reboot sisters via our group forum.
  • All Of Our 'Reboots' & Resources: Via our "members only virtual gym” in case you miss any of the live bootcamps, group coaching meet ups, guest expert interviews or sister spotlights. Or feel like rewatching one of your faves.
Let's get this party started...
Ask me about
Body Soul Reboot IGNITE.
My 1-on-1 mentorship program is completely customized to YOU to accelerate transformation & amplify your leadership in our world.
(9 women per season)
Got questions?
I got ya, girl - just reach out!
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